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Why are our prices lower than those for the same items on Amazon and eBay?

Opposite to what most people think, third-party sellers such as Amazon, eBay, etc., rarely offer the best prices to buyers. In addition to fulfillment and storage fees, Amazon charges sellers 15% commission, which is ultimately passed on to the buyer. Buying directly from a retailer eliminates these charges, thus prices are lower. Sales on Amazon or eBay are handled by people with no industry knowledge, which often creates a level of uncertainty when making a purchase.

What happens if the item does not fit?

If the item you ordered does not fit, please notify us immediately if you like to request a different size. We will send you a different size at no additional cost. You will still need to return the item that did not fit.

What is our policy for returns?

You may return any item for any reason within 30 days from the delivery date and you will be refunded fully for your purchase. No questions asked! We appreciate any constructive feedback on our service and products.

Why are we price-competitive?

We buy directly from manufacturers and often overstock items, which allows us to avoid different levels of intermediaries and high warehousing and overhead cost, so we can price our products at a large discount.

Where are we based and can you stop by and try on an item before buying?

Most of our items are warehoused in various locations in the US, and abroad, so we do not offer this convenience.

Can you order an item shown on Amazon with certain modifications such as color, ... etc?

Most of our products are stock items and cannot be modified, but we would take a customized order and could work with our manufacturers to alter a design to your desired specifications. This, however, if possible, may take a few days longer to deliver than with standard items. Please contact us if you need to place a customized order.


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