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If you are searching for top-of-the-line classic biker leather pants with exceptional quality, look no further. These pants are crafted to perfection with meticulous attention to detail, both inside and out. They boast a dynamic, sporty fit and soft leather that provides year-round comfort.

  • full-grain cowhide leather, strong, durable, and water-repellant
  • CE-certified knee armor, removable knee sliders, adjustable hook-and-loop waist straps
  • stretch panels below the back and above the knees, zippers above both ankles
  • Keprotec Kevlar (extremely rub/tear, water and dirt resistant) in the inner thighs area and the lower part of the legs for ventilation
  • an 8" and a full-circumference pant-to-jacket attachment zipper
  • enforced double stitching with 3-ply twisted bonded threads, abrasion resistant, withstanding stress and tension
  • Lifetime warranty
Care instructions: Do not machine wash or dry clean! Condition at least once a year using a lanolin-based leather care product. To remove dirt and grease, use a damp cloth and soapy water. Store in a cool, dry place on a hanger. 


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